John Howie Worldwide Music Tours and Cruises

2019/20 Blues Music Tours and Cruises

2020 Blues Music Tour of America's Deep South

With Jules Boult. Take a journey with us, from Dallas to Charleston, as we explore the Blues music world of America’s Deep South. Visit iconic destinations including Dallas, Austin, Lafayette, New Orleans (includes the Jazz Fest), Indianola, Memphis, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Savannah & Charleston. Visit the Blues Tour web site.

2019 Blues Cruise of the South Pacific

A great vibe cruise with Jules Boult, Terry 'Harmonica' Bean (USA), & Jesse Valach and The Redeemers, starring Lisa Baird. Visiting Isle of Pines, Mare and Noumea, in New Caledonia, and Port Vila, in Vanuatu. Visit the Blues Cruise web site.